Tine Reingaard works as shooting director, film photographer and editor.
Since 2012 she has created documentary, advertisement, art film and music videos.
Her work has brought her to countries such as the US, Australia, Italy, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, Norway, England og Scotland.

She has worked with artists such as New Order and Arctic Monkeys and created commercial films for brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Highland Park.
Her works have been exhibited in Kyoto, Los Angeles, Copenhagen and Herning (Heart Museum). She works in a field where the artistic meets the commercial. With extensive experience in creating video portraits and brand films, she uses her visual sensibility to identify imagery that provides both conceptual depth and an ability to seduce the eye.
A solid academic background and many years spent outside of Denmark has equipped her with analytical skills and a strong sense of cultural understanding. She is dedicated and energetic and embraces tasks that challenge her and allow her to collaborate with others.

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